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About Sam Singer

Sam leads the sales and marketing efforts for Rapid Packaging. His career has taken him all over the country, living in 5 states and 3 regions in the past 12 years. A native of California, he is a graduate of the University of Portland (Portland, OR).

Before entering the packaging industry, Sam spent 25 years in wireless technology, leading teams regionally and nationally.

Sam’s approach to packaging is to focus on building solutions for customers. He has a rigorous focus on continuous improvement for customer value-add. He enables the sales force to support client needs by initiating ongoing training and skill development.

Sam lives in St. Paul, MN, with his wife and youngest of 5 children. He was proudly promoted to Grandpa in January 2021.

Steel to Plastic Strapping

By Sam Singer | December 19th, 2023 | Categories: |

As the world continues to prioritize sustainability and cost-efficiency, businesses are constantly seeking alternatives to traditional packaging materials. One product that has gained significant [...]

How to Choose the Right Stretch Film

By Sam Singer | January 8th, 2023 | Categories: |

Stretch wrap is a plastic material that is elastic so it can be stretched tightly over material loads to secure the load for storing and shipping. Stretch film typically comes in a roll of plastic [...]

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